Book Summaries with Jeremy

Built on Values by Ann Rhoades Summary: Built on Values stresses the importance of instilling values within an organization and living up to those values. Too often an organization struggles for its identity and culture along with poor results. Defining and living up to values provides a blueprint for how the organization and each employee … Continue reading Book Summaries with Jeremy


Your Community: Your inner core of true friendship

Yes, I regret my younger years in school and not creating life-long relationships. I was selfish and so focused on a goal that I didn’t let others in. I got good grades, achieved a lot of accomplishments, spent many sleepless nights, and in the end, I don’t have any good memories. This all changed in … Continue reading Your Community: Your inner core of true friendship

Need more EI

I recently came across Daniel Goleman’s 1996 Harvard Business Review’s article “What Makes a Leader”.  The article highlights that leaders must have high levels of technical skills, IQ, and emotional intelligence. Through studies, Goleman found that while all three are important, emotional intelligence is nearly twice as important than the other two factors when identifying … Continue reading Need more EI