Value of Gym People Watching

Everyone that has spent time in a gym has seen some interesting things. There can be guys or gals with muscles popping out everywhere, people going crazy intense, people going easy, people doing some really weird looking things, and more. People tend to watch people. This is true at the gym, airport, food court and … Continue reading Value of Gym People Watching


Trust Every Attribute of a Member

Have you ever heard these sayings? “Team is not just a group of people but a group of people who trust each other.” “There is no ‘I’ in TEAM. But there is a ‘me’ in team!” “TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.” All the above statements can be considered true, but the last two … Continue reading Trust Every Attribute of a Member

Book Summaries with Jeremy

Brain Rules by John Medina  Summary: There are 12 brain rules to help people in their daily functions. The book is presented 1 rule at a time, with corresponding research, anecdotal evidence and possible suggestions of how to implement the new information. 1) Survival, the brain evolved just as we did as a species. It … Continue reading Book Summaries with Jeremy