Putting the Big 4 into Practice

Over the last few weeks, I have been conducting performance reviews with my team at work. I had a wonderful opportunity to sit down (about an hour at a time) with each employee to talk about their work performance and to gain valuable feedback about our work environment and how we can improve. This got … Continue reading Putting the Big 4 into Practice


Book Summaries with Jeremy

The Power of 100! by Shaun King Summary: The Power of 100 is based around setting 100 goals, with some of them being outrageous. The term used is Your Outrageously Ridiculous Goals. The point of this is to truly push yourself beyond normal conviction. The people through history who have done amazing things had some … Continue reading Book Summaries with Jeremy

Need more EI

I recently came across Daniel Goleman’s 1996 Harvard Business Review’s article “What Makes a Leader”.  The article highlights that leaders must have high levels of technical skills, IQ, and emotional intelligence. Through studies, Goleman found that while all three are important, emotional intelligence is nearly twice as important than the other two factors when identifying … Continue reading Need more EI

Mediation: My Journey within a Journey

A few months ago I began meditating. I have read so many books and listen to many podcasts that talked about meditation in their daily routine. I was intrigued. In the past, I also thought meditating was a foreign concept that only very spiritual people or hippies did. I knew I couldn’t do it alone, … Continue reading Mediation: My Journey within a Journey