In graduate school at Fresno State (GO DOGS!!) a group of friends and some faculty embraced the idea of being a lovecat. A lovecat is someone that is an energy giver, not an energy sucker. This means helping others, before they ask. It means bringing energy to others in all that you do. It means doing the right thing. An unofficial mascot of lovecat has been a lion.

Upon helping fellow lovecats, RAWR was used by Jeremy as a joke but also constant reminder to be a lovecat. The name RAWR was chosen because it is the voice of the lovecat. RAWR is about sharing knowledge through our voices. It also is not something modest. RAWR is not about being modest or quiet, rather seeing ones own potential, seeking that growth and making a difference. We want people to know about us. This is not a secret. We can and we will all get better by helping each other.