RAWR is about spreading knowledge and life skills to others. There are four areas of expertise and focus of RAWR:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Self-Satisfaction
  3. Maximizing Performance Capabilities
  4. Better Training

Leadership Development 

Leadership is an extremely popular topic among books, TED talks, presentations, podcasts, and all other forms of media. Our approach is vast and encompassing because that is what it takes to effectively lead people. We can work with leaders on their self-development as leaders but also broadly in culture and organizational development. The key is working with leaders to develop strategies, not merely telling someone how we think things ought to be. Telling someone how to lead is not effective, working with them to discover who they are as a leader is how a difference can be made.


We as humans seek to be satisfied with our lives. This is attained by first becoming self-aware of our thoughts, emotions, and physical reactions. We will work with others to increase their self-awareness and to put energy and effort into only the areas they can control. Another aspect is working to develop effective communication strategies for connecting with people in all aspects of life.

Maximizing Performance Capabilities

Realizing our potential can be a constant challenge as we move through life. There are times where we get in our own way, preventing us from being as good as we are capable of being. There are skills the best of any field utilize and have been researched. We will teach these skills to help people be the best they can in their given field.

Better Training

Training takes place to improve and experience growth. Too often due to any of numerous factors, we are not able to give our best to our training. We will to help people be more efficient with their training, maximizing growth potential.

How will we share knowledge?

There are a few ways that RAWR intends on sharing knowledge to others:

  1. Contact us to schedule a group workshop or presentation.
  2. Blog posts that will share connect to our four areas of focus
  3. Social media outlets (see below)
  4. Our Epic Reading List
  5. FREE eBooks


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