Yes, I regret my younger years in school and not creating life-long relationships. I was selfish and so focused on a goal that I didn’t let others in. I got good grades, achieved a lot of accomplishments, spent many sleepless nights, and in the end, I don’t have any good memories. This all changed in grad school when I learned how to balance school and my social life. Now being older, I understand the importance of relationships and which are worth holding onto and others that need to be let go. I really enjoy this quote, “I am who I am because of who we all are.” –Ubuntu

These days, I keep my circle of friends small and tight. I only want people in my life that are positive, add value to my life and I am able to add value to their life. I have had to say goodbye to a lot of people that were just toxic in my life. I am much happier now. Within my circle, I have four friends that are the core of my community. These four are: (1) The Entrepreneur, (2) The Challenger, (3) The Believer, and (4) The

The Entrepreneur

This person is the most recent to come in my life but has made a huge impact. This person strives to set out a life that will bring value to others’ lives through past and present experiences. This person has lived life to the fullest, letting themselves explore who they are and what they are meant to do in the world. We are so similar in many ways. We are always helping each other with our current and future endeavors. We are serious, and always seeking new knowledge. But we are also ready to let loose and enjoy the moment. We understand the saying, “work hard, play hard.” We never lose focus of our dreams and ensure we are pushing ourselves to our full potential.

The Challenger

This person is fierce and confident. I look up to this person for many reasons. They are willing to take a risk and discover their next best step in life. When we talk, this person is not afraid to disagree and ask me questions after questions to ensure that I am doing everything that I can to my fullest. I am not threatened by these questions. I know their heart is in the right place and only want the best for me. They push me to discover new potential of myself. This person does not judge and helps me in my weak areas of life to ensure that I grow stronger. This person is very analytical about everything that they do in their lives and in the end it shows because they understand every move that they have made and will make. The challenger will empower me to grow and grow. They will make sure I never am alone and that they have my back.

The Believer

If this person says he will do it, he will do it. This has been proven time and time again. This person will grind and sacrifice but come out victorious in the end. I have not met many people who will accomplish what they say they will do with their lives, and this person never disappoints. The vision they have for their life is a beautiful piece of art that unfolds right in front of my eyes. This person is the brother I never had but will be my brother until I die. This person only has a positive outlook on life and not a negative thought is talked about. The love this person has for friends and family is extremely heartwarming. I strive to have similar values in my life.

The Foundation

This person is why I am here today. This person has stood next to me through hell and back. They have seen me in my darkest hours and all my nastiness but knows who I am truly deep inside. They are forgiving and supportive. They are the person I strive to be because they are the missing things in my life. The missing feelings, compassion, fire, and love. At the end of the day, this person knows my ins and outs and allows me to truly be transparent with my feelings. No judgment will be passed. Each day with this person is a learning experience that will only make me a better person to myself and to others. Our values are similar and we bring something unique to the table that benefits each other as we strive for greatness.

Yes, I have more than four friends. But if I was asked who has made the biggest impact on my life these are the four. Are values are all similar and we bring something unique to the table that only benefits one another to achieve for greatness. Who are these people in your life?

-Sean C.


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